Space Alert Board Game

Space Alert

  • Designer: Vlaada Chv├ítil
  • Players: 1 - 5
  • Play Time: 30 min. or more
  • Ages: 12 and older

Attempt to control the chaos of space missions with your friends! This co-op space exploration game is played in real time and will test your multi-tasking abilities. Can you survive until the end of the mission or will your entire crew perish? One thing is certain, you will succeed or fail as a team.

This Game's Tags

Overall Rating: 7

Luck Strategy
Casual Intense
Complex Simple

2 Space Alert Reviews

  • Only played once, no desire to play again. A lot of things to keep track of during the game and the timer just makes it worse. Would not recommend to the casual player.Jonathan 4 Luck Strategy Casual Intense Complex Simple
  • The game is actually simple, but the time pressure and cooperation required makes it very strategic, intense and fun. This is not like any other game I have.Gareth Lloyd 10 Luck Strategy Casual Intense Complex Simple

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