Othello Board Game


  • Publisher: Mattel
  • Players: 2
  • Play Time: 15 - 45 mins
  • Ages: 8 and over

A classic puzzle game players lay tokens to flip over as many of their opponents tokens as possible. One player is white and the other black. It's a back and forth battle until the end as the players use their brains to outwit the other.

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Overall Rating: 7

Luck Strategy
Casual Intense
Complex Simple

User Reviews

2 Reviews Written for Othello

  • Grew up playing Othello with my grandfather. Get the old game board (flat), new ones with ridges are difficult to maneuver your pieces. Mechanics are super simple, but strategy is necessary to win.BluePawnDecember 22nd, 2014 9 Luck Strategy Casual Intense Complex Simple
  • A classic game that can probably be forgotten now that better games can scratch the same itch. It's mechanic is interesting and it's satisfying to flip pieces over, but it's not a great execution.CunningAllusionmentJuly 24th, 2012 5 Luck Strategy Casual Intense Complex Simple

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