New "Seasons" Board Game

Posted in New Releases on Aug. 9th, 2012, by DarkJodo

A competition between sorcerers is the theme of this new board game from Asmodee, releasing this month.  Seasons was designed by Regis Bonnessee (Fabula, Himalaya) for the Libellud studio, producers of the award-winning Dixit and a partner with Asmodee.

In Seasons, the players earn points by collecting magic energy and using it to summon familiars and create items.  The game mechanics use a combination of card play and dice rolling.  To maximize their score, players try to use combinations of cards during the best "seasons" of the game.

Seasons includes 20 dice and more than 140 cards.  The rulebook includes three different difficulty levels for additional playing options.  The suggested retail price will be $49.99.

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