Monthly Contest: Win 7 Wonders

Posted in Boxed Up Fun on Aug. 26th, 2012, by Void

Today is the start of our second Boxed Up Fun contest! As always, this is your chance to win free board games!  This month's game is 7 Wonders.  It's a great game for all skill levels and age groups.  It has constant action and is quickly engaging.  You've probably heard of it before, but now is your chance to snag a copy for free.

We loved the positive reponse we received last month with our first contest.  As long as you guys are enjoying them we'll keep running them.  The best part was seeing so many of you leave reviews and interact with the site.  The more reviews we have the more the site becomes useful.  We've already gotten a lot of positive feedback on the short review format and how quickly it allows you to get the feel of a game.  Along those lines, make sure to leave reviews this week and you can earn up to 3 entries into the contest.  For full contest details and rules visit the contest page.

Your feedback truly drives the future of this site.  If you have any comments about the contest or the site in general please let us know at

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